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Listening and Speaking Exercises

If you go to that web page, you can create your own avatar like one above, you can choose the appearance you want and finally you can write or record a message choosing even british or american english.  The process is very simple,only you have to sign in in that page and follow the instructions, if you are really interested, you will enjoy a lot.

Discussion » Teaching English

Another web page very useful to you is voxopop, here you have the oportunity to listen to and to speak, so you can develop these skills as a teacher and as a student.  As a teacher you can record a question and wait for your students' responses; and as a student, you can give your opinions about different questions posted.  As in one above, the process is very simple, you must go to www.voxopop.com, to sign in, and to follow the instructions in order to create an account, there you will be a member of this page.

Have you ever felt unconfortable for a non comprehension of english?  Well, this video will give you some interesting tips that will help yo to listening comprehension, it takes just a few minutes,so watch it.

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